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Rotenmund German Shepherds
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Puppies SOLD:
Congratulations to Joy Hawkes of  Louisville, KY and Dan Hawkes of Nashville, TN
Orange male , Arlo vom Rotenmund
Photos courtesy of Joy Hawkes
Joy Hawkes of Louisville, KY on Arlo vom Rotenmund:

“I'm amazed how smart he is.   I took him out my patio door 3 times to pee,  coming right back in after he finished.
On the 4th time,  he headed to the door himself,  turning to look back at me as if to say,  "this is what we do, isn't
it?"    I also walked him around my neighborhood for a bit,  off leash, since he isn't accustomed to a by my side.  
He wasn't afraid of the vaccuum cleaner noise either,  or the yard trimmer, which is a good sign.    And I got all
kinds of compliments on him at Feeder's Supply.   I can tell he's going to make a great companion dog.  Going to
take him tomorrow to see my daughter and her family…   I could brag on him forever.  I'm just thrilled to death with
him!”...  (see below for updated pictures of Arlo)
Update on Arlo, May 2013
Thank you to everyone who inquired about these pups and congratulations to the new
owners of these pups!
Congratulations to Christine Jeffer of Cincinnatti, OH
"Kitty" vom Rotenmund
"Kitty" will be a Protection/Therapy Dog
Photo courtesy of Christine Jeffer
Congratulations to the Funk Family of Winchester, VA
Sadie Mae and Ruger Vom Rotenmund  
Photo courtesy of Jessica Funk
Photo courtesy of Joy Hawkes
Congratulations to T.Brown of Pitkin, LA
Scratch "Boone"
Jessica Funk on Sadie Mae and Ruger Vom Rotenmund:

“THE BEST SHEPHERD's IN THE WORLD!!!!  And for anyone who is even slightly considering the bloodlines......I
more than HIGHLY recommend!!!! I have owned Shephards before and NON like these!!!! They are amazing!!!
'He is smart...tlearns fast.  Tell hime 2 times and he's got it'
More pictures and testimonials to come!  Check
back soon!!!